Monday, 29 June 2015

Mission or Mirage? To raise or raze?

Covering parts of the work of Ronald Dworkin* due to my studies and interest in philosophy, I have reached a stage wherein I believe that those in seats of power are taking us for a merry round, not knowing what they're chasing, while simultaneously creating a mirage in our eyes. Dworkin speaks on the words most commonly used, least commonly understood; namely, Liberty and Equality.

Ronald Dworkin's works lead to the observation that there is a strong and weak sense of liberty.

A strong sense of liberty is given by law or by democratic form of government which says that each individual has an absolute right to liberty. These rights to liberty are mentioned in the constitution in the various articles to freedom in various lands. Now, when this law is to be actualized, and given to the people, this absolute right to liberty does not work. To make matters simple, there is a simple example. Everyone wishes to drive the car on the road at his own pace as and when he wants. Signals are put up on the road, and there goes absolute liberty. This shows that to enjoy one's own liberty, the government has to divide available facility, either in time, or in space. Hence the absolute liberty (strong sense) is available only on paper (abstract) and the weak sense of liberty is actualized.

The question which arises is how much liberty does the weak sense give? That is to say, does it give more liberty, or take away more liberty in the name of liberty? If we measure the deprivation of liberty by calculating the extent of frustration that it brings with it, then we actually realize that equality actually suffocates liberty even though the government wishes to give liberty.

Dworkin says the idea of liberty is a false notion. All forms of government speak against dictatorship since it is against liberty, but they themselves practice liberty appropriately in their own societies. Once people realize liberty has not been given, it creates unnecessary tension in the individual and in society. Hence the idea of liberty should be abandoned and other social values like equality or justice must be promised and popularized.

Personally, after taking these views into account I do not know whether liberty and equality actually exist in the forms we believe them to exist - yet governments stress on liberty and equality both, but I find that to speak of liberty is to speak against equality, and to force equality is to restrain liberty.

The question is, why are we speaking of these two which are two sets not overlapping? They are two different ideals, and yes, while both are ideals, they are opposites all the same.

Are we living in a world thinking we have liberty and equality and so on and so forth, or are we simply fooling ourselves by not understanding these ideals properly, and living our lives by words blindly said by those in power, without the knowledge to suggest which ideals to follow.

*Ronald Myles Dworkin, FBA (December 11, 1931 – February 14, 2013) was an U.S. philosopher and scholar of United States constitutional law.

Kayzad Jokhi introduces himself:
I have a strong passion for martial arts, being a first degree black belt in Taekwondo (Kroean martial art), and a level 2 practitioner in Krav Maga (Israeli martial art). I enjoy reading philosophy and psychology, and wish to be a clinical psychologist. I enjoy any form of social service, nation service, and strive to bring about a change in this beautifully ugly world, which leads me to enroll in almost any form of activity which comes my way. Children are my biggest love in this world, playing with them, guiding them, feeling awed by their shining innocence, and VYF gives me this love of mine on a silver platter, helping me and these children in ways which words fail to express.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Hurrah for the Members of VYF !

Every now and then, I see young minds express young thoughts on Vide View.
Every now and then, a butterfly sheds its cocoon. A child from the streets emerges into education and life.
Every now and then, a step taken almost three decades ago seems even more relevant.
Every moment that passes now defies a simple description in words or gestures.

Destiny is an oft misunderstood word, implying the future.
But the real destiny is what we have now in the palm of our hands and in our hearts.
Just as we live to fulfill destiny some time soon, destiny fulfills us here and now.

“Know that you are the creator of your own destiny” is a well known quote.
Know also that the feelings we express and the positive changes we see emerge around us...
Are already our destiny.

It crouches at our doorstep, asking “Do you know what’s next?”
Fearless, we stand tall and ask,” What have you got?”
And in this way has destiny already arrived, and so have you.

Dr. Subhasis Banerji is one of the founder members of VYF. He now resides in Singapore, where he pursues his dream of transforming the healthcare industry with a medical technology based on Swami Vivekananda’s explanation on the relationship between mind and body. He enjoys reading, music, adventure and martial arts.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Winner; Are you?

Life is a long and exciting trip. It takes us to many different places. We watch successful people who were once strugglers as well as people who have the intelligence to succeed but never do. Like Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, 

 "Hard work never brings Fatigue, it only brings Satisfaction."

Certainly, luck has a role, but, we usually create our own bad luck by regularly getting trapped in self defeating attitudes and behaviour.

Here are some of the worst traps or rather the 6 habits of unsuccessful people:

1. Delusional thinking: Unsuccessful people constantly lie to themselves about their own life and why they are there in life instead of achieving their goals and making life better.

2. Punishing friends: Unsuccessful people often have a habit of being friendly and grateful to those who are unhelpful to them and ungrateful to those who are kind to them. The inability to make and keep friends is involved in every failure.

3. Bad manners: Losers are routinely rude. They fail to show up on time, to thank and to apologise when one must. Thus, bad manners guarantee our failure.

4. Bad attitudes: The losers often have a sour pessimistic outlook. They dislike their work. They have a lack of self confidence and a deep rooted belief that they cant do better than what they are doing. They don't understand that this way they are advertising themselves as losers.

5. Needless arguing: Some people like to argue for the sake of argument. People who quarrel like that think that by doing so they can impress others which is wrong thinking.
6. Putting first things last: Unsuccessful people CANT set priorities. They never seem to learn that its not a sacrifice to give up things of lesser importance for the things of greater importance. In fact, its a bargain.

Maybe, you and I have some of these habits, But remember, Winners know they can change and they do, always, with time. 

After all, the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.


Darshini Prajapati is a Third Year Bachelor of Arts (TYBA) student in Mumbai's Mithibai College. She has selected Sociology as her major graduation subject. Darshini likes reading, trekking and enjoys going on hikes. Darshini is still searching her dreams for her future life ahead. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Experience ~ A Teacher

He who tiptoes cannot stand 
He who strides cannot walk
He who sees only himself is not enlightened 
He who is self- righteous is not notable 
He who boasts about himself will have no merit 
He who praises himself will have no improvement
I truly believe that we just don't need knowledge, but also wisdom, and wisdom comes with experience. My experience of spending time at VYF NGO has taught me so much; it has made me realize the things I do and do not have. Sharing my knowledge and a little wisdom that I have makes me happy. 

People are usually selfish to share their things, but knowledge and wisdom are two of those things which we can share with others  and they won't reduce within us, we don't lose out on anything in fact gain the joy of sharing

Every child there has a different story, they have so little yet they don't complain whereas most of us with so much cry about little things. There is so much to learn from these children, each child has so many stories to share which makes us aware of the different shades life can show us.

The whole world can see the beautiful as the beautiful only because of the ugly.
The whole world can recognize the good as the good only because of the bad.
Something and nothing create each other.
The difficult and the easy complement each other.
The long and the short define each other.
The high and the low counterbalance each other.
Before and After follow each other.


Disha Kapadia is in TYBA studying in Mumbai's Mithibai college. She is currently teaching Mandarin a Chinese language. Her hobbies are dancing, music and creative art. She wishes to become an industrialist, and hopes to create  the first Indian industry which is the richest in the world. She wants all the people who think women can not reach that stage, realize they can. She strongly opposes the discrimination between men and women,and hopes that one day they will be treated equally.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

First Love

Mother! It is the most beautiful word that one could discover. It’s not just a noun it’s the most powerful term. A mother is a lady with the purest heart, most magical love and an extremely tender touch. She’s a lady with heaps and heaps of hope and faith. A mother is an ordinary lady with extraordinary qualities. Her immense love which is selfless and absolutely unconditional can heal the biggest wound of a child. A mother is not only a parent but a teacher, a friend, a companion, a mentor and above all the most beautiful representation of god. 

The relationship of a child with his mother begins even before his birth. Admits all the relationships, the one shared with your mother are the greatest one. A mother understands her child even before he’s born. It all begins with a beautiful hug the day a child comes to this world and that is the most magical moment of a child’s life. This hug is the most promising gift received by a child. It expresses the faith, passion and concern of a mother. It makes the child realise that he is not alone. It makes him sure that no pain, no worry, no evilness or harshness of this world can harm him because he is in the most secured place on planet earth that is his mother’s arms. The warmth of a mother’s love can heal each and every soul. It is her faith and selfless love that lights a child’s life. It is her who had staunch believe in her baby even before it’s born. 

The relationship between a mother and a child is the most unique one. It’s not only a relationship it is a journey of a variety of emotions. It begins with cradle and ends at your grave. The love and compassion of a mother resides with you all throughout your life. A mother is the one who’ll instil arrows of wisdom in your quiver to help you face the various challenges of world. She’s a pacemaker of every child’s heart. When the entire world turns its back, a child always has his guardian angel, his mother. When things seem impossible and beyond a child’s reach it is the supreme power represented as mother that holds the child close to her and establishes faith within him and shows him the path to success. She is a lady with tremendous will power and amazing sixth sense when it comes to her child’s health and well being. 

It is always said that a part of heaven does exit on earth and this part of heaven resides in the heart of a mother. A mother will always treat her child like an infant all throughout his or her life. Mother Teresa is one of the best examples of motherhood. She’s not been a mother to a child or two; she’s been a mother to hundreds of homeless people. She has loved them and done as best as she could for their well-being. It is often said that a mother is always the beginning and always the Reason why things begin. She is the reason for people to believe in the power of love at first sight, because when a child sees his mother for the first time he immediately falls in love with her.

Youth fades; leaves of friendship fall, love droops, a mother’s secret love outlives them all.

Mitali Madhyani is a second year Arts student at Mumbai suburban’s Mithibai College. Mitali aspires to make a career as a Clinical Psychologist. She loves to cook, paint, dance and read. Her interests have lead to her strong belief that art besides being a stress buster is an excellent medium to express one’s ideas and emotions. Mrs Sudha Murty, Nick Vuijic, Mother Teresa are some persons whom Mitali has tremendous respect. She values all people who have contributed in the betterment of society and people all over the world. Mitali lives her values by Volunteering with various organisations, including VYF.