Thursday, 4 June 2015

Experience ~ A Teacher

He who tiptoes cannot stand 
He who strides cannot walk
He who sees only himself is not enlightened 
He who is self- righteous is not notable 
He who boasts about himself will have no merit 
He who praises himself will have no improvement
I truly believe that we just don't need knowledge, but also wisdom, and wisdom comes with experience. My experience of spending time at VYF NGO has taught me so much; it has made me realize the things I do and do not have. Sharing my knowledge and a little wisdom that I have makes me happy. 

People are usually selfish to share their things, but knowledge and wisdom are two of those things which we can share with others  and they won't reduce within us, we don't lose out on anything in fact gain the joy of sharing

Every child there has a different story, they have so little yet they don't complain whereas most of us with so much cry about little things. There is so much to learn from these children, each child has so many stories to share which makes us aware of the different shades life can show us.

The whole world can see the beautiful as the beautiful only because of the ugly.
The whole world can recognize the good as the good only because of the bad.
Something and nothing create each other.
The difficult and the easy complement each other.
The long and the short define each other.
The high and the low counterbalance each other.
Before and After follow each other.


Disha Kapadia is in TYBA studying in Mumbai's Mithibai college. She is currently teaching Mandarin a Chinese language. Her hobbies are dancing, music and creative art. She wishes to become an industrialist, and hopes to create  the first Indian industry which is the richest in the world. She wants all the people who think women can not reach that stage, realize they can. She strongly opposes the discrimination between men and women,and hopes that one day they will be treated equally.

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