Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hopelessly Hopeful

Hope is faith in a theory that things can happen if they are expected and believed in.
Remember in ancient Greece? Hope was the only spirit that was left after Pandora opened the “Box”. According to the myth, all misfortunes and grievances would escape the box and become a part of human life. Hope was the only thing present in the box which guaranteed that in all cases, circumstances humans have hope regardless of difficulty or situation. Hope is what keeps people going under harsh conditions and crucibles.
Inspirational stories of Nick Vujicic, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Cox, Sean Swarner and hundreds more have proved to the world time and again that one should never lose hope.

The beginnings are always the hardest and once you are brave enough to step forward; there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you begun. If someone is almost certain there is no way to succeed at something, and they manage to beat the odds, their hope bursts into a pleasant surprise. Hope helps people live. It's being able to see that there is light, despite of all the darkness. In times of darkness, you are trapped in your own fear and worries unless you have hope. It is a refuge from fear and terror. A shield that blocks your fear or thought of unlikely odds as a ray of light coming from never-ending darkness. The expectation for a better life or friendship despite unfortunate circumstances is hope. It's an expectation, maybe a desire for a family, love, to find the true meaning of life or maybe to prove that good always wins, but it all boils down to that one word: HOPE. It's this optimism, which propels you forward after falling and that something which gives promise for the future. Hope gives people a chance to live, enjoy and appreciate their lives despite struggles that are constant in reality.
Umberto Eco has aptly stated,
Often the object of a desire, when desire is transformed into hope, becomes more real than reality itself. “

Have Hope, Be Strong, Laugh Loud, Live and play hard in the moments, Smile often, Dream big and Be happy.

Hello from Anuj Tosniwal !

I have spent my childhood in Surat, a city in Gujarat, India; currently I’ve moved to Mumbai for higher education.  I have completed my SY BCom from Mithibai College, Mumbai and in a couple of months will step into my last year of Graduation. Alongside, graduation I am also pursuing a post graduation course. I wish to become either a social activist or start up my own Event Management firm. Being inclined towards social service I am a member of my college’s NSS Unit. It is also the reason of volunteering with Vivekananda Youth Forum (VYF). I love to play football and basketball (Played at State levels). I also like to participate in events so have volunteered at various college festivals and I am a member of the Mithibai Cultural Team. My Dad is my role model, my inspiration, my first Guru.

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