Monday, 6 April 2015


Hi everyone!

It’s extremely overwhelming as a volunteer to have a site where we can post our thoughts and our ideas. I am very grateful to the Vivekananda Youth Forum for considering and giving equal importance to the growth of their volunteers. Vivekananda Youth Forum has been a life changing experience.  It has not only helped me to widen my horizons but has helped me to serve my society in a better way. It has given me a lot of opportunities to interact with different kinds of people and has helped us to learn and evolve as a better person. While volunteering at Vivekananda Youth Forum I have learnt that each and every individual has the power and capacity to bring a change provided he or she has the will to do so. I’ve learnt that we must transform our obstacles into opportunities because there is nothing impossible or unachievable in life. It requires compassion and a vision along with the willpower and dedication for one to succeed in life. I would like to quote one of Swami Vivekananda Ji’s quotes “Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is achieved”.

I was introduced to Vivekananda Youth Forum through a couple of my friends who are a part of the NSS unit of Mithibai college. I was an ordinary student of Mithibai College who’s willing to pursue psychology, however, after coming in contact with Vivekananda Youth Forum I realised that none of us are ordinary. Each one of us is special and blessed; it’s just that we have been blessed in different ways and we must appreciate our uniqueness and our blessings.  I am grateful to my friends for introducing me to such an outstanding organisation where we not only educate children but also spread smiles on hundreds of faces through our work. I have always enjoyed interacting with kids as this interaction has given me immense amount of satisfaction. I always wanted to spread awareness and contribute to the progress of my country which is only possible through education. I believe that education has the power to not only eradicate poverty, corruption, unemployment, child labour and numerous evils but also inculcate humanity and compassion within people. I believe learning gives rises to creativity and creativity thus helps one to think in a better way and thus the ability to think appropriately helps on to be knowledgeable. 

Mitali Madhyani is a second year Arts student at Mumbai suburban’s Mithibai College. Mitali aspires to make a career as a Clinical Psychologist. She loves to cook, paint, dance and read. Her interests have lead to her strong belief that art besides being a stress buster is an excellent medium to express one’s ideas and emotions. Mrs Sudha Murty, Nick Vuijic, Mother Teresa are some persons whom Mitali has tremendous respect. She values all people who have contributed in the betterment of society and people all over the world. Mitali lives her values by Volunteering with various organisations. The above is her view on her Volunteering experience at VYF.

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